Stainless Steel Spinning

Spinning with stainless steel has many applications, and advantages over other materials such as mild steel. Stainless steel is tougher, and a lot more corrosion resistant, so can be used for catering equipment, i.e. pots and pans and industrial work units as it is easier to maintain and keep clean and sterile. Usually for this type of application 316 grade stainless steel would be used.

The most commonly used 300 series grade of stainless steel is 304 and offers the most weld able form of high alloy steel. The most common components we use this material for is in exhaust systems for, elbow joints, tube reducers and flares, cones etc.

Another alternative to 304 that can also be used in exhaust components is 430 grade as it has good corrosion and oxidation resistance, ductility and formability, also excellent thermal conductivity and quality of finish.

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